C & A Policy:

At SINERGIA, meeting the requirements, needs and expectations of our customers is a value that demands the highest levels of Quality in the activities carried out, in the field development of hulls for boats.

We developed a Quality and Operational Environment Policy that is based on the following criteria and goals:

• Our commitment is based on establishing an organizational culture oriented towards the
processes where all efforts must be directed towards continuous improvement and achieving
recognition and loyalty regarding our activity.

• Stimulate the commitment of our employees, from their area of responsibility,
considering the Quality, the Environment and the prevention of labor risks as
It’s essential element of your work.

• Protect the environment.

• Commitment to the consultation and participation of workers and their representatives.

• Our suppliers must be participants in the Quality and Environment objectives and
of the common system to achieve them.

• The Quality and Environment requirements and objectives must be assumed by the entire
staff that are part of our organizational structure.

• The continuous improvement of the integrated management system (ISO 9001, 1400 1 ) is the instrument
essential to increase efficiency, increase competitiveness and ensure increasing customer satisfaction and environmental protection.

• We are committed to the implementation of an Integrated System that ensures the
compliance with the objectives established under this Quality and Environment Policy

At SINERGIA we offer a quality service, responsible for the protection of the environment,

• That said service is in accordance with the requirements specified by our clients, including
in these the legal requirements and other requirements of the organization.
• Comply with the economic conditions and agreed delivery terms.
• Fully achieve customer expectations tending to exceed them.
• Evaluates the environmental aspects of its processes and identifies environmental impacts.

Management relies on those responsible for each area to ensure system requirements
integrated, continually improve processes and environmental performance.
The final result of the integrated system is to guarantee the achievement of the following objective general:

• Ensure the requirements and customer satisfaction.
• Ensure employee satisfaction and foster a participatory environment.
• Ensure economic efficiency, managing risks.
• Management, effective control and continuous improvement of processes.
• Protect the environment.
• Improvement of environmental performance, proper waste management and minimization of resource consumption.
• Comply with the legal requirements and other requirements applicable to our activity related to the
quality and environment .

In Cartagena at 20/07/2021