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The growing popularity of composites means they also have a growing variety of applications. Counting with highly qualified personnel with proven experience and state of the art technology and equipment allows SRG to continuously expand production of models, moulds and parts for the industrial market. SRG has a growing presence in the aerospace, rail and car manufacturing sectors. We search for solutions for any market needs.

Composite materials are lightweight, highly resistant, non-corroding, adaptable to any shape and with highly competitive prices. This places them in a very important position in all industrial sectors.Since its beginning, SRG focused on composites, and nowadays we are highly specialized in the manufacture of models, moulds and series production in sectors as important as rail, aerospace, automotive, civil engineering, etc.

We design, consult on manufacturing methods, adapt designs for better manufacturing efficiency and manufacture models, moulds and parts (both prototype and short series runs).

We have been working for years with the most important companies in various sectors. We can highlight BOEING, VESTAS, ALSTOM WIND, NAVANTIA, APPLUS, GAMESA, COLWAY FERROVIARIA, INDCAR, BmCOMPOSITES, ZITRON, UPV, STABILIT EUROPA, etc.

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