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SRG has long been a recognisable name in the nautical sector, having taken part in world-class projects such as America's Cup (AC72, AC45, AC50), Volvo Ocean Race and TP 52 boats, among many others. Our constant research in composite applications makes us a point of reference in this area. We manufacture production GRP moulds, one-off moulds and prototypes, as well as provide consulting.

Our constant research into composite applications has made us a point of reference in this field.

  • Production moulds in GRP for large series shipbuilders. The model is usually manufactured in EPS foam, machined and covered in a layer of fiberglass. Afterwards we apply a proprietary machinable putty, offering a very fine and defect-free finish. The mould is then built in low-shrinkage composites with a gel-coat finish, resultiing in high-gloss moulds with a proven very long useful life.
  • One-off moulds. SRG manufactures moulds for TP52, Volvo Ocean Race, ACC 72, ACC 45, ACC 50, etc. We adapt to our clients' needs, and manufacture the required moulds after studying thermal expansion, deformation during transport and handling and heat resistance, from 80º up to 170ºC.
  • Prototypes. SRG offers the possibility of manufacturing the first run of series production parts to test the moulds, processes and materials. This way our clients can make sure that their initial calculations are correct, or apply any necessary corrections.
  • Consulting services for all manufacturing steps. We can provide our clients with our experience and know-how in all stages of production. 
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