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SRG is closely tied to the manufacturing of models, moulds and parts for renewable energy applications, and specifically wind power generation. Since our early beginnings in 2001 we have taken part in the manufacturing process of large turbine blades, nacelles and all their components using the most advanced composite materials. Thanks to that, we have become a reference provider for world-class wind turbine manufacturers.

Commonly regarded as the power source of the future, and given its advanced technical requirements, SRG has taken part since since its early beginings in the manufacturing process of large turbine blades, nacelles and all their components, working with the world’s most important manufacturers, such as GAMESA,  ALSTOM WIND, VESTAS, GENERAL ELECTRIC, ACCIONA, etc.

SRG has a high-precision Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) mill (23m x 7m x 4m), which allows us to manufacture moulds for large wind turbine blades.

This area requires high precision and quality in all processes, and SRG is prepared to guarantee the most exacting requirements. The levelling, alignment and union systems, and implantation of moulds and models for series production in general, are a challenge in which SRG confidently takes part and succeeds.

We have the technology to guarantee that all the projects we undertake meet our clients' requirements as establlished in their ETS.

  • CNC.

  • Laser Tracker.

  • CAD/CAM foam and fabric cutters.

  • Levelling and alignment systems.

  • Hardness, gloss and thickness meters.

  • FEM analysis software.

  • Ultrasound testing.

  • etc.


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