Management letter

Sinergia Racing Group (SRG) is a Company that started in 2001 tied to competition shipbuilding, turning afterwards its activities towards CNC manufacturing of composite models, moulds, prototypes and parts.

We make use of a large-size CNC mil, 23m (long) x 7m (wide) x 4m (tall), which allows us to machine large parts with tolerances in the tenths of a millimetre. We also have a Leica laser tracker, a finite elements method software package  (ANSYS), CNC fabric and foam cutting machines, 3D CAD/CAM software  (Unigraphics), …

Aimed towards achieving the most satisfaction and fidelity for our clients, our work depends on our perseverance to achieve our marked goals, and results in proportion to our efforts.

“Our success is our clients’ success”

SRG counts with naval, civil, communications and industrial engineers among its staff, with extensive experience in the areas of composite materials and 3D design. Our manufacturing staff is specialised in handling composite materials, as well as the use of the most modern techniques and processes.

Our growth has been slow and deliberate, supported by the know-how obtained during our daily experience. Our enterprising spirit and a flexible and adaptable internal organization has allowed the SRG brand to gain renown in the sector of composite materials, both nationally and internationally.

SRG has 5000 m2 of working space available in the Los Camachos Industrial Park, divided into:

  • Zone 01 - Machining, our CNC department.
  • Zone 02 - Manufacturing, with our cutting machines, white rooms and a large number of curing chambers.  
  • Zone 03 - Warehouse.
  • Zone 04 - Offices.

Obtaining in early 2012 both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications evidences our firm bet on achieving excellence in our products and services, in strict compliance quth sustainability regulations.


ES15/19221                           ES15/19222

“Thinking of SRG is thinking of responsibility, ingenuity, enthusiasm, quality and environmental commitment”

Thus, we interpret the current situation as a huge opportunity to transfer our values, mision and vision to the SRG Brand, where a proactive, committed and highly qualified multidisciplinary team has established achieving client satisfaction as its ultimate goal. Empathy and cooperation will be key words in discovering new, more effective and efficient alternatives.



José Coello Núñez

CEO of Sinergia Racing Group

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